We believe that youth united by a common purpose can make a difference. We aim to establish and maintain a forum for free dialogue and for positive change in our communities. Our initiatives are diverse and include avenues to abolish stereotypes, to educate ourselves and others about Asian Pacific Americans, to celebrate our heritage, and improve race relations. Our hope is for all to be able to contribute to society. CAPAY May 14, 1994

The Coalition

CAPAY is run by and for APA youth. A Steering Committee directs the organization with the help of the YouthLearn Members, High School Youth Organizers, and the General Members. Hundreds of General Members, Student Volunteers, and APA youth participate in CAPAY's initiatives. The CAPAY Coordinator and Adult Advisors provide support and guidance for the Steering Committee and APA youth.

The Need for CAPAY

APA young people face many complex challenges and deserve a voice in the issues that concern them. Through CAPAY, APA youth can find that voice and learn the skills needed to become leaders. CAPAY believes that youth united can make a difference.

The Programs and Initiatives

CAPAY aims to improve race relations, support youth-led activism in schools and communities, and provide leadership training to APA youth. Ongoing projects focus on issues such as APA civil rights, history, culture, community organizing, and immigration concerns.

  • Youth Leadership Development focuses on developing critical leadership skills for young people to become activists in their high schools and communities.
  • Coalition Building provides resources and support for APA youth in high schools, focusing on the educational, social, and cultural development of APA youth.
  • As.I.Am. Newsletter is a quarterly newsletter written, compiled, and organized by CAPAY youth. It creates a forum for vital issues impacting APA youth such as cultural identity and civil rights.
  • Summer Leadership Program includes an Annual Strategic Planning Retreat, and engages newly elected Steering Committee and general members in training on CAPAY's programs.
  • Annual Leadership Symposium is the kick off event for the statewide Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Education Project (APAHMEP). The symposium provides resources and technical assistance to Massachusetts high schools students to educate others on APA history, heritage, immigrant experiences, and APA contributions to America.
  • Community YouthLearn Program engages APA high school youth in community-based activities, and projects planning that empowers them and their communities.
  • Asian American Studies Workshop is a series of workshops on Asian American history that offer APA youth the opportunity to learn about their own history and issues that are relevant to them, which they may not learn in their own schools.
  • CAPAY Alumni Network allows former CAPAY members the opportunity to mentor younger members. The network also supports their work environment to promote awareness and positive change.
Princessland: a workshop with art and a life sized board game, for girls age 13-18 only.
Friday, June 4 3:00-5:00 pm
UMass Boston's Wheatley Building, 4th floor
After Mother's Day, We <3 Dad Too: a celebration of and for fathers. All ages welcome.
Saturday, June 12 1:00 pm
BCNC, 38 Ash St., Boston 02111
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